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The Nesting Male, Revisited

“The summer’s going to go fast.” Elizabeth has told me this many times now, and she’s right. We’re almost thirty weeks into the gestation of our third baby (to put it romantically). School’s out next week, and just before it’s time to go back, the baby will arrive. I have ten weeks left to get things in order.

My list is long, but my sense of urgency is lacking. I just can’t get a panic-boner like I did when we were pregnant with our first. During that pregnancy, I freaked out and weather-stripped the house and put together a comprehensive earthquake kit. This time, all I can think about is relaxing summer afternoons by the pool, takin’ her easy, and beers.

I suppose that’s not entirely accurate. I’m actually staring down a solid month of two young children at home all day, no activities planned and no available babysitting. That’s what June into July looks like — non-stop pop.

After the All-Star Break, Otis (almost 5) starts “summer camp,” which is actually a daycare extension of his preschool and Luke (2) will (hopefully) be signed up for gymnastics somewhere so he can jump off things in a padded environment rather than over concrete. I envision this stretch as a period of time where I can make dinner without being interrogated about all manner of justice, e.g. why birds can sit on power lines and boys can’t. I might even be able to answer email *during the day*!

The baby? We’re pregnant? It’s hard to worry about all that through all the rest of it. Right now, the baby’s doing great, and for me, it’s at its absolute easiest. It rides around with Elizabeth all the time, never gets cold or needs to be changed, and has food on mainline. I don’t get to enjoy any of the cute factor, but don’t have to get out of bed to deal with it. Right now, this arrangement suits me fine.

I have chairs to stain, closets to clean out and furniture to sell on Craigslist, but honestly, if I get the crib put back together, I’ll feel like I’m ahead of the game. Will the time go fast? Probably not with the summer that I’m looking at. And that sounds just right.

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