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Pocket Knife Missing!

The Buck 110 has gone missing! I suppose this is what happens when you praise a talisman so publicly — its fortunes spin away into infinity. You may think I’m being dramatic, but it’s been a day and I’ve already missed the following opportunities to use the knife:

  1. Open Amazon box
  1. Cut eye holes for impromptu Iron Man mask
  1. Remove tag from new bike gloves Otis, 4, received from the Switch Witch.**
  1. Cut a slice of butter from the stick while shopping at the grocery store for Luke, 20 months, who likes to eat butter.

For the last, I had to use a key.

A key. To cut butter.

This is baloney. I’ve checked all relative pockets. If it doesn’t show up by tomorrow, I’m ordering a new knife.

** The Switch Witch: A short con with kids to relieve them of their Halloween candy. They get to pick one piece per year lived, the rest they give to the Switch Witch, who gives it to all the kids who for, whatever grim reason, could trick-or-treat this Halloween. In exchange for the candy, the Switch Witch gives the child a small gift.


Took delivery on new Opinel last evening. Could have really used the Buck 110 to get the packaging open, but never mind. New knife has already successfully cut dental floss into requested sizes and split a single M&M into two perfectly equal pieces. Moving on.

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