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My Wish List for American Children

Two disclaimers right off the bat:

  • I will not get in the habit of making this blog into a series of lists, unless that’s what the people demand. If the people demand it, yes, I will do their bidding.
  • Although this wish list includes the hypothetical, similar to my personal wish list, it is limited to American children because that’s the culture I’m most familiar with and disappointed by. Also, a wish list for all the children of the world has a Michael Jackson quality to it that I’m not comfortable with.

Without further ado (though I do cherish ado):

My Wish List for American Children (including my own) Xmas 2013!!!

No more than two gifts per person in their lives, including Santa. Less would be better.

Gifts that require imagination and will.

Gifts that are thought through, gifts that can be treasured.

Gifts that are handmade? Yes. Gifts that are handmade.

Long, easy hours with people who love them, especially their parents, and especially if their parents are taken away from them by work the rest of the year.

An appreciation for the brief, limited time of childhood, and the magic that swirls like a hurricane here.

A reprieve from all homework (K-4)/no more than 30 minutes of homework a night (4-8th grade), and school days that include two recesses, foreign language, music and art (1-8).

A true, first-hand knowledge of what the world was like before the Internet and cell phones.

Parents and caregivers who work to meet them where they are; who approach first and always from a place of love and understanding; who exercise patience even in the most trying situations.

A diet of healthy, home-cooked meals, prepared with love.

An appreciation for the diet of healthy, home-cooked meals prepared with love, as well as an understanding of how nice it is to have all meals prepared and served, and how unhurried time at the table is a fleeting pleasure that should be cherished.

The ability to grow thick mustaches (boys) or effortlessly navigate a room full of influential people, garnering genuine laughs at jokes and delight in beauty, while wearing impressive high heals (girls) – one night only.

The ability to sleep effortlessly through the night, and to go to sleep by themselves, like most of the world’s human beings do.

A single candle which they are allowed to light and carry into a cold, dark night, that reminds us all of what we bring to each other during this season of darkness.

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