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My Favorite Top 10 Baby/Pregnancy Myths


10) Drink coconut milk if you want your child to have dewy skin.
9) The best position to conceive is from behind.
8) If you’re “glowing” while pregnant, you’re having a girl. If pregnancy does not become you, you’re having a boy.
7) If you’re pregnant, hide from the full moon or your baby will have a big birthmark.
6) If you’re baby is bald for too long and you want it to grow hair, feed it soy milk.
5) If your husband is having a hard time conceiving, he should ingest pumpkin seeds. If his sperm is “lazy,” have him drink strong coffee before you try to conceive.
4) If an expectant mother craves salty foods, it’s a boy…sweet foods, it’s a girl.Music For A Baby
3) The worse your morning sickness, the more likely you are to have a girl. (Indeed studies have shown that women who are hospitalized for morning sickness tend to birth girls over boys).
2) Listening to classical music in the womb will increase your child’s chances of being highly intelligent.
1) If a mother’s right boob grows bigger than the left one, it’s a girl. If the mother’s left boob grows bigger, it’s a boy.

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