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iPad Play made Real


Osmo gives your child’s hands “the freedom to create and discover in real life,, developer Tangible Play says, “and turns any surface into an imaginative playing field.”

The developers had kids of their own, and “wanted to create a way of bringing real-world play back into digital gaming to encourage social interaction, creative thinking and problem-solving.”

Using Osmo promotes social intelligence and creative thinking, they claim. “No one likes seeing their little ones turned into screen zombies disengaged from the world and people around them. Osmo is an iPad gaming device which aims to bring real world and social play to the iPad, by transforming the space in front of the tablet into an interactive environment.”

The Osmo reflector mounts over the iPad’s frontcamera. Then, its “Reflective Artificial Intelligence” recognizes and respond to your child’s real-world moves. No batteries, electronics, or WiFi are required.

It’s available for pre-order here for $99.


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