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Baby Tech

Gadgets and new innovations for babies and their parents.

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Baby product reviews

Warm those baby wipes
  Why shock your child with a cold cloth when you can warm up that baby wipe first? The $25 Wipe Warmer from Prince Lionheart has an EPA-approved anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The warmer also has... More
Shush the baby
No, where not saying to keep the kid quiet with constant reprimand. Instead, the Baby Shusher “safely stops baby from crying with its rhythmic shush sound,” the maker Pneo says. The battery-powered device “is a revolutionary new tool for parents... More
Dream of Sheep
  Baby not nodding off as needed? You can’t exactly inform an infant about counting sheep… But nonetheless, a sheep might be your solution… Ewan the Dream Sheep, that is. The stuffed animal “emits soothing sounds at a low base... More
A Baby Monitor that will call you
  We’ve covered baby monitors here previously — but this is the first one that can call your phone when there is a noise in your baby’s room. Developers TappyTaps  say their system was prepared by parents with parents in... More