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Baby Tech

Gadgets and new innovations for babies and their parents.

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Baby product reviews

Portable gadget soothes infants
The Vibe Portable Soother from Summer Infant “helps relax your baby anywhere.” The gadget’s vibration “gives your baby the comfort of movement even when standing still,” the company says. It can also play white noise, a lullaby, and heart beat... More
Sanitary diaper bin
The Sangenic diaper disposal bin seals in each diaper. It doesn’t let the smell out, and keeps everything safely contained. It works with a long plastic antibacterial liner tube. All you touch are a little handle on the nappy, and... More
Babies Are Go
With the Go-Pod portable activity seat, your baby can stay active wherever you are — and burn off that extra energy that’ll otherwise be keeping you both up at night. Maker KidCo says the Go·Pod is an ultra lightweight, portable... More
Baby blooms in bath
With the Blooming Bath, your infant can be safely and comfortably cleaned in a standard sink. It’s a “great alternative to hard, plastic tubs,” says its maker, and is “super soft and cuddly to keep your baby happy and comfortable... More
Crib rockers helps crying babies sleep
The DreamMover baby rocker “gently rocks at the speed of a mother’s heartbeat,” says its maker RoboPax, to “creates just the right amount of ambient noise.” The company says its rocker “eases the transition from the womb into the world,”... More
Baby can rock in the car
Can your child only doze when being gently rocked to sleep? Well now car travel can also be more restful with the Dozer Rocker, a portable car seat rocking chair. It’s made by Baby Fanatic, which says the portable and... More
Sleevely smartens baby bottles
Can your baby bottle tell you when your child last ate? It can if it’s wearing a Sleevely! The device, now in development, monitors, records and transmits information about your baby’s feeding habits right to your phone. One of every... More
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