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Baby Product Reviews

Gadgets and new innovations for babies and their parents.

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Babies Build with Blocks
Kids love to build, but babies aren’t born ready for Legos — so here’s a good starter set of ten colorful blocks for your baby to sort and stack. “Filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills,” says Fisher Price. [More]
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Educate your Unborn Baby
Here’s a real jumpstart on your offspring’s education: the BabyPlus is a “prenatal education system” that’s “developed to strengthen a child’s long-term learning capabilities.”  The developer says infants who have used the BabyPlus “are born more alert and responsive, nurse better, sleep better, and enjoy improved school readiness.” The BabyPlus provides audio lessons with which a baby can discriminate the simple rhythmic sounds of the gadget from those of the mother. [More]
Listen in on your Unborn
The Prenatal Listener lets you hear the sounds your unborn baby makes. “When you find out that you’re expecting, you can’t wait to meet your new baby,” developer Graco says. “The Listener’s design gently hugs the natural curvature of your belly, so it fits snugly and offers terrific sound quality.” The gadget amplifies the baby’s heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and natural womb sounds, that begin late in the second trimester. [More]
Puppy plays to learn
Baby’s best friend? You child can start learning A-B-Cs  and 1-2-3’s with this toy dog, which “invites baby to learn through singing, dancing and playing.” The Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy comes with a CD of tunes, and also plays ten sing-along songs and games. [More]
Did Einstein bend balls?
“Soft, flexible plastic with bright primary colors make this Ball fun and easy for little fingers to bend, squeeze, grasp, and roll,” says Baby Einstein.
The Bendy Ball also has a rolling Rattle Ball inside inside to add additional sounds and visual stimulation to the toy. [More]