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Author Name: Claribel

Hi Jennifer,

I just found out that I am expecting and my first reaction was to check out your website. I have a whole collection of names that I have saved in the back of my diaries and I am super excited to finally be able name someone other then my puppies and the characters I develop in my short stories. Over the years I have found your website very helpful compiling this list. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

I have a quick questions: have you ever heard of the name Claribel? My favourite Latin American writer is Claribel Alegria. I noticed it is not in your database. What are your thoughts on this name?

Elizabeth A., Belize

Dear Elizabeth,

Claribel is an alternate spelling of the name Clarabelle, a combination of the names Clara (Illustrious) and Belle (Beautiful).

You are very welcome for my hard work and dedication! I love names and love that you are using the site for your pets and fictional characters.




Hi Jennifer,

My husband and I are expecting our second child early this November.
We love uncommon Biblical names that represent our deep faith, that don’t sound too weird.
Our first child we named Selah, she is both strong like a rock, but also musical and meditative like in the Psalms.

For this child we adore the name Calvary if it’s a boy (Cal for short), but have had a difficult time finding a girl name were are as fond of. As an illustrator I am very used to doing loads of research, but most names, while I still like them, I don’t love them as much as I thought I would. Right now we are considering Alleluia (Lulu, Luya, or Ally for short). I’ve noticed neither of these names are in your data base… Am I freaking out for nothing or are these just too weird?

Gratefully yours,

Hi Rebecca,

I don’t consider “Allelujah” or “Alleluia” a Biblical name, as it is an exclamation meaning “praise God.” I understand there are other names that have the same meaning, although this is particularly religious and rare as a given name. I, personally, would not recommend it although I am not a religious person. I see it as being teasable. Every time she encountered someone would they yell “Allelujah!?” That would get old fast.

Calvary is a place name and less likely to be associated with Christianity, although it was the site on which Christ was crucified. It’s also the name of many churches in the U.S. I wouldn’t be as opposed to using this name as much as Alleluia. I say keep brain storming!



The Honest Company The Honest Company
What Lies Within

Hi Jennifer!

I saw the name Janalyn on another website with unique baby names. I think that it’s a very pretty name, but do you think that it is too trendy?

Thanks, Kyleigh

Dear Kyleigh,

Yes, it sounds like a pretty name, and is definitely a combination of the names Jana and Lyn. However, be careful with words that lie within a name!  It may lead to teasing.

Therefore, I would not recommend using this name.



Grandfather’s Nordic Name

Dear Jennifer,

We gave our eldest son the middle name ANUND (pronounced On-nund).  It was the middle name of my paternal grandfather.  My maiden name/his surname was HYNE.  I grew up in a small town in central Wisconsin (Fox Lake), he grew up just down the road in Beaver Dam, WI.  It is my understanding that he was “100%” Norwegian.  I have never been able to find anything on the meaning of this name and no one that we’ve ever told it to has ever heard it previously with the exception of my immediate family.  Thanks in advance for your time.


Jill P.

Dear Jill,

Anund is most likely a variation of the Nordic name Amund, which is derived from the old Norse name Agmundr. Literally, Agmundr translates to “Sword” and “Protection” or “Protected by the Sword.”

I have added both Anund and Amund to the database.



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