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Feedback on Dexter

Hi Jennifer,

I was just browsing through your Q&A and came across the question about the name Dexter being too reminiscent of the serial killer from the TV show. You advise against using the name because it has “bad associations” right now. While I think this would be somewhat true, I don’t think it should stop the parents from using the name if they really love it. If it were me, I’d hate to look back 20 years from now and think “I can’t believe that dumb old show stopped me from using the name Dexter.”

People have surprisingly short term memories and will likely forget the name has anything to do with the TV show after getting to know little Dexter. If the parents are worried about strangers prejudging their child based on a name, well I think that happens with a lot of names anyway and they can always say it was after their favorite childhood cartoon (strangers don’t need to know if this is true)! For what it’s worth, I am a fan of both shows and I love the name Dexter!


Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your feedback! If I were expecting I would seriously consider the name Dexter for a boy, even if I relegated it to a middle name.



Isla v. Brady for a Girl

Hi Jennifer,

I have two daughters, Marley Abigail and Libby Evelyn. My husband and I are currently trying for baby #3 and the great name debate has started again! We have always received great compliments on our daughter’s names; trendy and uncommon without being too weird with classic, old fashioned middle names. We are starting to feel the pressure of coming up with another great name and your thoughts would be appreciated!

We’ve always loved the name Isla and it was on our list with both girls. We are thinking of Isla Jane, however, Isla seems to be climbing the ranks, especially in Canada. Do you see Isla becoming the next ‘it’ name? For a girl, we also like Sawyer but we aren’t sure if we could commit to that as we don’t feel it compliments Marley and Libby.

If we have a boy we’ve always loved the name Brady. We’ve had our hearts set on that name since before we even had kids. Baby #3 will most likely be our last baby so if it is a girl, we were thinking about Brady Jane. Thoughts? Too boyish? Maybe we should go back to the drawing board?!

Thanks for taking the time to read my email :)

- Ashley

Dear Ashley,

The name Isla is becoming super-popular.  According to our popularity charts (which usually predict the Social Security baby name charts by 2-3 years), Isla is already #27 and still rising.  I’m not sure it will hit the top 10, but there is a great possibility a daughter named Isla will meet other Islas in her school.

I kind of like the name Brady as a girl’s name. Although I’ve never heard it before being used for a girl, I have heard of Bradley, which comes from the same root. They are both surnames that were first used for boys and could easily cross over.  It also has the good fortune of rhyming with other girls names like Sadie and Katy and has a more feminine “y” ending.  It’s easier for names like that to cross gender, rather than names like George or Chad.

Hope this helps! And let me know what you choose.



The Honest Company The Honest Company
Elijah too Popular?
Dear Jennifer,
I have always been fascinated by name meanings, and have enjoyed using your site since my early teen years. Back then my favorite name was Aiden, but around 2008 the Aiden-craze hit and I quickly changed my favorite boy name to Elijah.
Elijah is also a family name on my husband’s side of the family tree; we both love it. It has a lot of meaning to our faith background, and we think it sounds fantastic with my husband’s Scott/Irish last name. But it seems that I have a problem with picking “winners.” Since I picked the name in 2009 it’s jumped from number 22 to 11 on the USA’s baby name census.
We don’t want our child to have the same name as every other boy in his class, and it seems like every young Christian couple is naming their son Elijah. Should we just skip the name we love and go with some of the other names we’ve considered like Callahan, Rordan, or Cashel?
Bad Baby Name Luck

Dear BBNL,

Elijah is becoming popular, and Biblical names tend to stay “in style” longer than others. How about some alternatives, like Elias, Elliot or just plain Eli (one of my favorites)?

Cashel is a great alternative, also, as well as Dashiell!

Good luck and let me know what name you settle on.






Author Name: Claribel

Hi Jennifer,

I just found out that I am expecting and my first reaction was to check out your website. I have a whole collection of names that I have saved in the back of my diaries and I am super excited to finally be able name someone other then my puppies and the characters I develop in my short stories. Over the years I have found your website very helpful compiling this list. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

I have a quick questions: have you ever heard of the name Claribel? My favourite Latin American writer is Claribel Alegria. I noticed it is not in your database. What are your thoughts on this name?

Elizabeth A., Belize

Dear Elizabeth,

Claribel is an alternate spelling of the name Clarabelle, a combination of the names Clara (Illustrious) and Belle (Beautiful).

You are very welcome for my hard work and dedication! I love names and love that you are using the site for your pets and fictional characters.



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