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From Grandma
Dear Jennifer,
I am a 66 year old grandma.  I have two grandchildren right now, however, my youngest son just got married. Your website provides not only information and fun facts to the expectant parents, but a wonderful resource for me.  I can have a conversation with my daughter-in-laws and feel comfortable that they find the info as rewarding as I do.   My two grandsons: Noah Christian and Jackson Cooper. Really great names, aren’t they??
Grandma Sally
Dear Grandma Sally,
What a nice email to wake up to!  It’s rewarding to hear that the site I started 18 years ago is still informative and helpful to so many people. Noah Christian and Jackson Cooper are fine names.
Congratulations and thanks for visiting!
Game of Thrones Names

Jon Snow played by Kit Harington

Fan of the HBO Series Game of Thrones?  In honor of Season Four debuting this Sunday, I have done a full analysis of Game of Thrones Names on our sister site,!

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Kreatyve Name Feedback

I wanted to add some input to Jennifer’s request for information on people’s experience with common names that required spelling out.

I am an unfortunate victim of just such a name, KATHRYN. I have never liked my name and never felt like it fit me – however the worst part about my name is constantly having to spell it out for people. Even when I spell it out for people, it is still often written wrong! I have to spell my name out EVERYWHERE I go for EVERYONE – it is the biggest pain!

There are so many variations on how to spell it: Kathryn, Catherine, Katherine, Katharyn, Katharen, Cathryn, Catharin, etc etc. it’s usually hard to ever find anything personalized with my spelling, also. I can appreciate that I don’t have a very weird or unusual name that might cause ridicule, but having this type of name has caused me to want to change it entirely when I get married.


 a VERY frustrated K-A-T-H-R-Y-N.

Dear Kathryn,

Thank you for your input! I can imagine your frustration.


Honoring Hispanic Heritage

Dear Jennifer,

My husband is first generation American and his last name is Guerrero. We are expecting (unsure of the sex) and we simply can’t agree on a name. Every name he suggests is Hispanic and quite frankly, hard for me to say or spell. I would like the first name to be American but he says that won’t flow well with his last name.

 Am I be inconsiderate of his heritage? Is there any compromise here? ☹

~ Shayna

Dear Shayna,

I, myself, have a half-Hispanic child. I also wanted to honor my husband’s heritage and had the same concerns as you (his mother’s name is Guillermina!)  When he told me his mother’s maiden name was Miranda, I said “That’s it!”  Miranda was one of those names that works in both Spanish and English.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

There are many other names like Miranda–take Christina Aguilera, for example. Maybe you, too, could look into your husband’s family tree to see if you can find such names. The fact that you use a name from his side will show that you do want to honor your child’s ethnic heritage.

If you still can’t find what you like, do the Advanced Search on our site and see if any of these names strike your fancy.  I’m sure you’ll find something acceptable to the both of you.



A Natural Name

Hi Jennifer,

My husband and I have been talking about names ever since we first found out we were expecting our second child. We had decided on Maggie for a girl, and now that we know for certain that we are expecting a daughter, Maggie it is. However, I recently read a celebrity baby name article where someone named their daughter Magnolia and called her Maggie for short. I LOVE the idea!-but, my husband isn’t sure because our last name is Cobb. He fears she might be teased for being a Magnolia Cobb.

Does this name sound too “nature inspired”?

Sincerely, Tia

Dear Tia,

I absolutely love the name Magnolia and LOVE LOVE LOVE it combined with your last name. Magnolia Cobb is easy to spell and pronounce but put together is so distinctly unique it sounds like a very important person.

My opinion: Magnolia Cobb is an A+++ baby name. Run with it! And if you don’t, let me know. I’ll  use it for a character in one of my books :)



Be True to Your Name!

Good Afternoon,

I have a 14 year old Emma, and a 3 year old Matthew with a possible new one on the way. My daughter loves the name True and we considered it for my son had he been a girl. The name of course has popped into my mind again with the surprise blessing. My question is True sounds like a sweetest nickname to me, does Truen (true-in) work for a girl? or am i missing an obvious name to use True as a nickname. I am looking for a name that will not be in the top ten the year after i use it this time?

Thank you.


Dear Frances,

I do like the name True, and at face value Truen does follow my basic naming rules: easy to spell, easy to pronounce.  However it does sound very similar to the word “truant” which means a child who is ditching school.

Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

If you don’t mind that association, I’d say go for it.  But bounce it off some friends and do our Coffee Shop Test: when they ask you your name, say Truen. See what kind of reaction you get.

Other suggestions would be Trudy or Truly with nickname True.

Good luck!


Christian: Name v. Faith
Hello, Jennifer!

I’ve been reading your BabyNames site for a while and I really enjoy it. I have a question about the name Christian. Can it be just a name, not connected with religious views of a person who bears it or his/her relatives? I mean, is it OK if people of other religion than Christianity name their son Christian or is the meaning of the name too strong? I just wonder, not having plans of naming someone with that name.

Thank you!

Kitty, from Moscow, Russia

Dear Kitty,

Christian is an adjective. Here in the U.S., yes, the name is closely associated with the religion and I would guess most often used for Christian children.

Personally, I don’t recommend it for any child. It’s what I call an “expectation” name. An unspoken–well really SPOKEN–expectation is put on the child to live up to the name. Same goes with Charity, Honor, Justice, you get the point.

The names Christopher and Christina, however, have a basis from the word Christian and its faith but are not as closely tied to it. If you are open to using similar names, I would recommend those names.




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