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Names from LOST

Names from Lost

by LostFan

Many of us (including this author) has been caught up in the phenomenon of the TV series LOST.

As I started hearing the names of the characters, I realized that they must have been named for a reason--that they are significant to the character and storylines. Here is my interpretation of the some of the main character's names of LOST.

Jack Shephard
John means "God is Gracious, Merciful" Shephard is self-explanatory - Jack was the first one to "shepard" the survivors..
Kate Austen
Kate Austen may be a literary reference to Jane Austen - an author who often wrote of the struggle of individuals and their relationships while society had its grander conflict. Jane Austen also has been associated with embracing the ideals of philosopher John Locke (see John Locke, below).
James "Sawyer" Ford
A Sawyer is a woodcutter, which is Sawyer's job in the camp. A "ford" is a shallow place to cross a body of water. "James Ford" is a historical U.S. outlaw whose activites centered around a place "Cave In Rock" in Southern Illinois. He was dubbed "Satan's Ferryman."
Claire Littleton
Claire means light/clarity-- Littleton is "little town". An apt name for the one who brought the little baby into the society.
Charlie Pace
Charlie is "little man", Pace is slow walk. Charlie is a slang term for heroin or cocaine.
Sayid Jarrah
Ziad Samir Jarrah was named by the FBI as being the pilot-hijacker of the Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. I think Sayid was created to personalize and humanize the Iraqi to American audiences.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Hugo means "Bright in Mind and Spirit" Reyes means King. "Hurley" means to throw or overthrow. Is there a revolution in the future?
Boone Carlisle
Boon is a "blessing or benefit", Carlisle means Island of Carr (strong man)
John Locke
Jack and John are the same name, so perhaps Jack strives to be like John someday. A "lock" as a noun is a protector, strong, keeps things out or in. John Locke is also a literary/historical reference, an English philosopher who influenced the ideas of the Declaration of Independence. He believed that "all knowledge is derived from sensory experience."
Libby (no last name)
Liberation, freedom.
Sun Kwon
Sun is Korean for "Goodness" Kwon means "punch/fist/fight" as in Tae Kwon Do.
Jin Kwon
Jin means "Excellence, Jewel"
Ana-Lucia Cortez
Gracious, Light. Cortez is another historical reference: Spanish conqueror of Mexico-killed many of the indiginous peoples (Mayans & Aztecs).
Another historical reference. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an important philosopher who believed that "man is essentially good, a 'noble savage' when in the 'state of nature' (the state of all the other animals, and the condition man was in before the creation of civilization and society), and that good people are made unhappy and corrupted by their experiences in society. He viewed society as "articficial" and "corrupt" and that the furthering of society results in the continuing unhappiness of man."
Eko / Mistereko
There are a lot of translations of the word "Eko" in many languages: "Wartime camp"(African Bini), "One" (Sanskrit), "Farm" (Benin),"Turn of Direction/Sharing" (Japanese/Buddhism). In ecology, EKO means "raised free of chemical additives." It is also a homonym to the word echo a repetition of words or sound.
Victorious! Maybe the dog will save them all.

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