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Biblical Names

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List of biblical names that would suit a child today. by Kbp411

Joseph (M)

Jesus's human father; carpenter

Joshua (M)

John (M)

John the Baptist; John the Apostle

Matthew (M)

Author of one of the four Gospels

Mark (M)

Author of one of the four Gospels

Jonah (M)

Was swallowed by a whale while trying to hide from God.

Luke (M)

Author of on of the four Gospels

Micah (M)

A prophet

Peter (M)

One of Jesus's twelve disciples.

Paul (M)

An apostle

Saul (M)

Later re-named Paul

Silas (M)

Caleb (M)

Adam (M)

The first man

Isaiah (M)

Jeremiah (M)

Ezekiel (M)

Daniel (M)

Zechariah (M)

David (M)

Isaac (M)

Jacob (M)

Aaron (M)

Malachi (M)

Jonathan (M)

Thomas (M)

Timothy (M)

Stephen (M)

The first Christian martyr

James (M)

Simon (M)

Simeon (M)

Philip (M)

Reuben (M)

Rachel (F)

Ruth (F)

Rebekah (F)

Sarah (F)

Leah (F)

Nathan (M)

Noah (M)

Mary (F)

Levi (M)

Joel (M)

Jesse (M)

Gabriel (M)

Eve (F)

Elizabeth (F)

Elijah (M)

Delilah (F)

Cain (M)

Benjamin (M)

Andrew (M)

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